The 21 Day Experience


What is it?

The 21 Day Experience is a way to elevate your health and emotional wellbeing through a 3 week program of unique nutracuetical health products combined with neuroscience and positive psychology.

Elevacity has created unique and proprietary nutrition that will begin to help you feel better, more alert, have more clairty and energy, while elevating a sense of wellbing you can actually feel.

Along with proven methods using positive habits for 21 days in a row, you will be well on your way to a hapier and healthier you!


The only way in the world to elevate all four hormones of happiness at once!


How does it work?

Our unique and proprietary products bundled together (Elevate coffee and MeridiuX) is the only way you can naturally elevate your body's own happiness hormones. Along with the world's best heavy metal detox, PURE, you're in the best possible position to change how you feel both mentally and phsyically, and you can feel it within 21 days.

Elevate Coffee is not just a coffee, it's a functional beverage and a first of its kind with a proprietary blend of natural and botanical NOOTROPICS. This powerful brew combines special stimulants and ingredients capable of increases happiness hormones in your body.

MeridiuX™ is the world's first water-soluble xanthohumol with the ability to get your body to release its own oxytocin, naturally. Oxytocin is know has the hormone of happiness and there no other natural way on earth to get your body to release it other than a bioavailable (absorbable by your body) xanthohumal, a molecule found in the hops plant.

PURE helps your body capture and release (through your natural elimination process) the heavy metals that are in your body, and likely preventing you from natural healling.

Why 21 Days?

New studies in the study of the brain (neuroscience) show that in 21 days you can beging to change neuropathways that control habits. The science of posititve psychology now indicates that by choosing specific 2 minute per day positive routine, you can become more successful in your daily life pursuits.

Shawn Achor, best selling author and happiness thought leader will teach you, exclusively through this platform, how it works and guide you through a 21 day happiness experience.

"The greatest competitive advantage in the modern economy is a positive and engaged brain."

-Shawn Achor


Who is this for?

The 21 Day Experience is for anyone and everyone. The elevating health benefits alone will help anyone of any age or gender. The experience can help you transform your life in positive ways that you may not have realized is possible before. Studies now show that people who are happier and more positive tend to excel beyond their peers.

If you're looking for positive changes in your health and virtually every area of your life,
the 21 day experience can transform your life.

Real results. Real people


Elevating your health and wellness might be considered priceless! Start here for $199


How much does it cost?

Experience life elevating health benefits with exclusive and proprietary program for just $199 per person. You'll receive a 30-day supply of all 3 products plus access to the 21 Days pf Happiness program featuring Shawn Achor, a $199 value by itself.

Plus, for a limited time only, receive a copy of Shawn Achor's "The Happiness Advantage" hard copy book, the basis for our exclusive 21 Day Experience program as well as a month supply of our TIMELESS product, an additional $65 value!


+ More FREE product!

When you successfully complete the 21 Day Experience*, we will send you another 30 day supply of our life elevating products, Elevate coffee, MeridiuX and PURE. All you have to do is spend the first 21 days following our easy happiness program while consuming our products and tracking your results daily.

We're so convinced you will feel the difference, we want to help you continue at no cost to you for another month. That's because studies show that although 21 days is the starting point, elevating your health and wellbeing is a longer process than that and we want to make sure you get there!


Free Product Every Month
DOSE Other Mortals

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When you share the 21 Day Experience with others, you could earn more FREE product every month. Simply introduce 2 people who complete the program and you will earn another 30 day supply of product. When a minimum of 2 people continue purchasing product each month, you may never have to pay for your product again.

We make this incredibly easy for you with our social sharing tool available to all 21 Day Experience members.

100% Guarantee

21 Days to a happier you, guaranteed!

We are so confident that your life will be elevated with this program, we guarantee it or your money back!
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain as you experience enhanced health and wellness as well as
our exclusive happiness course with Shawn Achor. Plus, complete the program and we'll send
you another 30 day supply of all 4 of our incredible products, MeridiuX, Elevate, PURE and TIMEless.

  • Here's what you get:
  • 1 Bottle of MeridiuX, water-soluble xanthohumol
  • 1 Tub of Elevate Brew Coffee infused with Nootropics
  • 1 Bottle of PURE, the heavy metal water detox
  • 1 TIMELESS Instant eye and facelift creme
  • Access to the 21 Days of Happiness course ($199 value)
  • The web-based app for tracking your Happiness Quotient
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • An elevated sense of wellbeing!