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A Thousand Smiles in Every Cup.

Are you happy?

Are you as happy as you could be? The secret to happiness may not be what you think. A Harvard Study found happiness comes down to two things:

1.) Social Connectivity
2.) Hormones

A combination of four hormones created in your brain have been found to create happiness. The exact formulation of our D.O.S.E. combination of coffee and nutritional supplement. Start your day off with more than a boost of caffeine. Start with a dose of happiness. It is thousands of smiles in your coffee cup.

Happiness Hormones

Research has proven there are four hormones that promote well being—ultimately happiness. They are the 4 hormones in D.O.S.E. Let's look at each hormone.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter and is responsible for many functions, including memory, sleep, mood, pleasurable reward, behavior, and cognition.

Oxytocin is a special chemical in your body that helps create the feeling of falling in love.

Serotonin made from the essential amino acid tryptophan that sends signals between your nerve cells.

Endorphins are known as the body's "natural opiods" that can make a person feel happy and relaxed.

Backed by Science

Our products were developed by a team of doctors, pharmacists, chemists, naturopaths, food scientists and nutrition experts.

Manufactured in the U.S. with the highest standards and over 50 years of experience.

Anti-aging, functional beverages, and supplements that will help elevate your life. Start today by elevating your health and happiness.

Natural Ingredients | No Additives or Fillers | Non-Addictive

Don't take our word for it…

Customer Testimonial

"Not only have I lost weight, D.O.S.E. significantly reduced my nervousness. I am happier and I am helping other people now."

Customer Testimonial

"I love D.O.S.E. I am so much happier. One of my friends told me I am insanely happy! It elevates your mood and I can't imagine a day without it."

Customer Testimonial

"I take D.O.S.E every single morning. I look forward to waking up and including it as part of my morning ritual. I experience a complete elevation, clarity and focus."

Backed by Science and endorsed by our customers.

Why Elevacity?


You can't put a price on Happiness. Backed by research, science and Shawn Achor, a happiness researcher, elevacity products increase your body's ability to produce happiness hormones.


We think you will be happy with our product and experience increased happiness and wellbeing like our thousands of customers. But if for any reason you aren't, we will provide a full refund.


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