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July 22, 2020

Happiness Summit Breakdown & Month-End Game Plan


Powerful 6-Point Vision for Growth!
Global Georgia Peach Tea Launch!
New Videos to Share & T-Shirts to Wear!
Improved MAX Trial Pack Program!
Lower Shipping! (Yes, that’s happening)
Watch the entire replay in the FB Group:
Below is a recap of the Happiness Summit Highlights
Keith Halls
CEO Keith Halls lays out his powerful 6-point Vision for growth. Learn about the New Product Pipeline, Additional Compensation for Foundational Ranks, Global Expansion and more! We have a formula for becoming a Billion Dollar Company. Everything is in place for you and your team to grow, grow, GROW through 2020 and beyond! 
Kevin Thomas
CEO of Alternative Laboratories
Kevin hit the ball out of the park with Elevate MAX Coffee and ElevaciTea Vanilla Chai. On Saturday he launched the world’s first happy iced tea! Product testers have raved about the appetite suppression, the clean energy, the mood elevation and the taste. It’s a real Southern Sweet Tea with natural Georgia Peach flavor – plus NO added sugar or artificial sweeteners. You, your team and your customers will LOVE it!