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March 12, 2020

Message about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Message about Coronavirus (COVID-19)
We are deeply concerned about the global spreading of illness caused by COVID-19. We are a health and wellness company, and our focus is to do our best to keep YOU – your families, your customers, and others – healthy and happy. We also want to be good global citizens and do what we can to control this contagious illness. We are most grateful for the many people who are working tirelessly to address this health hazard. We pray for them and for all who may be suffering. 
We met as a corporate executive team and we do not feel that it would be socially responsible to request you to attend a physical convention in April 2020. As an alternative to you, we plan to hold a Happiness Revolution LIVE (online event) at no charge to you! 
Please rest assured that we will proceed with all of the major announcements and exciting new launches at the Happiness Revolution LIVE online convention, scheduled for Saturday, April 18th, with more details coming soon. We are more focused than ever on providing you with tools to optimize your success.
We have also just discussed with the Triple Crown field leadership the four upcoming Regional Events scheduled over the next few weeks. It has been decided to either cancel, postpone, or in some cases, to replace them with a special virtual event. More information will be provided to you as soon as possible over the next several days. Your patience and understanding are much appreciated, as we all work through these unprecedented and unforeseen circumstances. As ever, we are focused on the best for your health, happiness and success.