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March 11, 2020

Where do you want the $100,000 to go?

We’re giving away $100,000+ to charities that YOU decide
Elepreneurs have a heart for giving back. It’s who we are. A portion of every D.O.S.E. Duo purchase goes towards the charities YOU help to choose. So, every time you drink happy coffee and take XanthoMax, you may also be giving some much needed medicine to a sick child … or you may be providing a little boost to a struggling parent … or you may be making a small loan to a third world entrepreneur who is growing a business just like you.
Here is a link to an email survey:

This is your chance to vote and make a difference. Please make sure you fill it out, so your voice is heard. This survey includes 12 charity options, plus some extra space, if you like, to write in a charity. 
Choose your TOP 3 selections and return the survey by us by Sunday, March 15.
Then at Convention we will be announcing the three charities that have been selected, along with our commitment to donate more than $100,000 ON YOUR BEHALF! You will want to be at Convention for this emotional moment.

Also check out your Elepreneur Back Office for a social post that can be shared on your Facebook page.