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January 29, 2020

What's Up Weekly Update 1/29

The first month of 
“The 2020 Club” 
ends on Friday!
We have $20,000 in cash, fun awards and Convention recognition on the table … and it all starts in January!
How do I qualify for The 2020 Club? 
2020 in volume from new, directly-enrolled Customers and Elepreneurs in the month of January.
How do I win cash?
The $20,000 Cash Giveaway is only for people with the ranks of Elepreneur, Star, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. This month we are giving away $500 to the Top 3 in new direct volume. Plus, we are giving away $500 to 5 others who are randomly-selected from 2020 Club achievers. Note – 4040 in new direct volume earns 2 “chances” in the random drawing for $500.
How do I win a mug?
The award portion of The 2020 Club is open to EVERYONE! Just ring up 2020 in volume from new, directly-enrolled Customers and Elepreneurs in the month of January and we will send you 2020 Club Mug. These are awards that can’t be purchased. Every month we will be changing the award. So collect an award for January, February, March, April and May … then show them off on your Zooms and FB page.
How do I get recognized?
We will be recognizing ALL 2020 Club achievers on the Elevations Facebook Page and at the Happiness Revolution Convention. Want to walk across the big stage with other “movers and shakers,” then it’s time to get shakin’! Less than 3 days left to put in your new volume and hit the 2020 mark.
How can I tell how much 2020 Club volume I have?
Check your Elepreneur Back Office for a brand new report. Simply click on Commissions, then Commission Reports and then click on 2020 Club
Does this new volume help me get on the Maui Dream Trip?
Yes! The Maui Dream Trip is all about new volume. The more you create, the better chance you have of being on the beach!
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Sylvia McGrath has 25 years of marketing experience, including serving as corporate Vice President of Marketing for a network marketing company and Vice President of Sales & Marketing for a design firm with Fortune 500 clientele. Mrs. McGrath is a multi-talented executive with decades of experience in the direct selling industry. 
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